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Discover the advantages of the FREELEXO robot lawnmower

Here you can find the services available for our Einhell robot lawn mowers at a glance. We can help you with the installation of the robot mower in your garden: via a Quickstarter Guide, installation videos and installation service. Additionally once you have found the right mower, our service partner can come to your home and install your robot lawnmower. You can also request an installation service via Einhell. To find out more information about accessories available for the Einhell FREELEXO robot lawnmower, see below!

Installation service Get started with the robot mower by using our installation service

Quick-start guide

How to operate your robot lawn mower

Installation service

Get help from a professional

Have you bought a robotic lawnmower, but need help installing it in your garden? No problem: Take advantage of the many benefits available with the installation service. Make an appointment and our technician will visit you within 14 days to professionally lay the perimeter cable. The technician will also help you unpack and assemble the device, as well as set up and program the robotic lawnmower. They will carry out a test run of the device and show you instructions & the many functions on how to operate the robotic lawnmower. We also offer a remote support service.

Pricing Overview

If you have purchased an Einhell FREELEXO you can request the installation service and Einhell or our service partner, will install the robotic mower in your garden. Fill out the below request form to arrange a date. The quoted price will depend on the size of the lawn area.


  • The technician will lay the boundary wire
  • The robot lawnmower will be fully assembled, set up and tested on site
  • The technician will give an introduction for the correct use of the robot mower.
  • Disposal of the packaging material if required

Please note: No parts or accessories are included in the Installation Service price.

Just create a request and we'll send you information about the pricing.

DIY installation videos

How to set up your Einhell robot lawn mower!

Still not sure how to get your robot lawnmower up and running? Our video tutorial takes you through the step by step guide on how to set up the robot lawnmower hassle free. There is also information on how to get started, by checking all of the parts and accessories are present prior to set up. There is information and tips on how to correctly install the boundary wire, and how to connect the Robo lawnmower to the charging station.

First steps by installation of the mower
Installing the wire
Connecting the charging station
First mowing

Do you have further questions?

Do you have questions about out robot lawn mowers or our additional services? We'll be happy to provide you with personal assistance! Contact us via our service number or send us a message.

+385 49 342 444

Monday till Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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[email protected]

Request for an installation service

If you want to get an installation service for your new FREELEXO just start here a request and insert all necessary information in this form. After that you will be contacted by us with a cost estimate.

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