Circular Saw Blade TCT
TCT circ saw blade 210x30 T48
Item no.:49587861EAN: 4009315878614
Circular Saw Blade TCT

TCT circ saw blade 210x30 T48

Item no.: 49587861 EAN: 4009315878614
  • Original Einhell circular saw blade for Einhell saws
  • Suitable for various Einhell cordless (sliding) cross-cut mitre saws
  • Suitable for various Einhell (cordless) table saws
  • Tungsten carbide-tipped for sawing wood
  • Saw blade diameter: 210 mm
  • Saw blade holder: 30 mm
  • Cutting width: 2.4 mm
  • 48 set teeth
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Article description

The Original Einhell circular saw blade has a diameter of 210 mm and is equipped with a 30 mm bore. The tungsten carbide-tipped saw blade has 48 saw teeth with a cutting width of 2.4 mm, and is suitable for processing hardwood, softwood, plywood and materials similar to wood. With its spring-set teeth, the circular saw blade works its way swiftly through the material, thereby ensuring a uniformly efficient cut. It can be used with the Einhell cordless sliding mitre saw TE-SM 36/210 Li, the cordless mitre saw TE-MS 18/210 Li, the sliding mitre saws TE-SM 2131 Dual, TC-SM 2131/2 Dual and with the mitre saw TC-MS 2112. It is also compatible with the Einhell cordless table saw TE-TS 36/210 Li and the Einhell table saw TC-TS 210.

Technical details

Cutting width0.24 cm
Number of teeth48 pcs
Saw blade diameter210 mm
Saw blade holder diameter30 mm
Tooth shaperaker tooth
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