Water Works

GC-WW 1046 N

Item no.: 4173480 EAN: 4006825616286
  • Very high suction power and pressure and delivery capacity
  • Permanent water supply (house/garden) with constant pressure
  • High-quality INOX high-grade steel pump housing
  • Sturdy metal thread at both the intake and output side
  • Maintenance-free motor with thermal overload cut-out
  • High-quality mechanical seal for a long life
  • Steel pressure tank with tank volume of 20 liters
  • Complete with pressure switch for automatic control
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Separate water filler screw for easy starting
  • Water drain screw for easy draining of residual water
  • Sturdy feet including holes for ground/floor anchoring
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Article description

The GC-WW 1046 N domestic waterworks set from Einhell is a user-friendly alternative to using expensive mains water and really helps to save cash. This domestic water system enables the use of water from reservoirs, shafts, wells or cisterns for home and garden use. The Einhell domestic waterworks set comes with a waterworks jet pump with an On/Off switch and a high-grade INOX stainless steel pump housing. Designed for high efficiency, the pump works with a very high suction force and matching pressure and delivery values. With its 1,050 W motor, the domestic waterworks achieves a delivery rate of up to 4,600 liters of water per hour. This electric motor requires no maintenance and is fitted with a thermal overload cut-out. The steel pressure vessel has a capacity of 20 liters and comes with an integrated gauge that is plainly visible for reading off the pressure. Service water supplied by the domestic waterworks set for use in the home or garden is kept at constant pressure and always available. Pressure differences are compensated automatically by the pressure control switch. A high-quality ceramic-and-rubber mechanical seal stands for a long service life. A separate water filler screw makes starting up easy, and with the water drain screw you will have no problems in draining off any residual water. The sturdy pump foot with holes is easy to fasten.

Technical details

Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Power1050 W
Max. delivery capacity4600 L/h
Max. delivery height / - pressure48 m / 4.8 bar
Max. suction height8 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Max. activation pressure1.5 bar
Max. cut off pressure3 bar
Suction connection42mm (R11/4 AG)
Pressure connection33,3mm (R1 IG)
Tank volume20 L
Power cord1.5 m | H07RN-F
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